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We focus on one thing - And that's serving our neighbors and local communities with fast and reliable wireless Internet access.

For your home

Fast, reliable Internet service at home.
Enjoy streaming movies, games, social media...

For business

The location of your business shouldn't limit your ability to have reliable broadband internet access.

Combo packages

Combine your home and business accounts and enjoy the convenience of a single bill for both.

Custom services

Contact us for custom services such as point-to-point, or long-haul circuits.

We are a local company committed to building our community.

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Our pricing is affordable with service levels
that fit your needs.


$29 .95 monthly
  • 1.5Mbps bandwidth
  • $100 Setup fee


$49 .95 monthly
  • 3Mbps bandwidth
  • $100 Setup fee


$69 .95 monthly
  • 6Mbps bandwidth
  • $100 Setup fee


$89 .95 monthly
  • 12Mbps bandwidth
  • $100 Setup fee


$109 .95 monthly
  • 25Mbps bandwidth
  • $100 Setup fee

+   Are there any extra or hidden charges that I have to pay each month?

You only pay the simple monthly fee for your service each month. There are no hidden charges or extra fees.

+   Does SWOI limit or "cap" my monthly data usage?

We do not place any data caps or limits on the amount of data us use each month.

+   Do you need to attach a large antenna or tower to my house?

No. The antenna we install is comparatively small and discrete looking. It is similar to a satellite TV dish in appearance. Great care is taken by our technicians to place the antenna in an location that ensures the best performance while preserving the aesthetics of your home.

Broadband Internet for everyone...

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Contact us.

Our customer service representatives and technicians are eager to assist you!

For Sales and Technical Support

Phone us at 580-679-3345

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